Facts and Questions

**In order to set up a specific payment plan, please call Amanda at (515) 556-0295, or e-mail with your phone number so we can contact you. We are always willing to work with tight incomes and busy schedules.**

What comes in a box?

Boxes are filled with a variety of things every week. There is always a minimum of 7 different items in a box unless there is a crop failure. Produce in the box depends on what is available for harvest that week. If all goes to plan, each week will have more than the 7 items, will be valued at $30.00.

How big are the boxes?

We use full bushel waxed vegetable boxes to ensure that we can fit everything that we can for you that week. These are about 15 x 11 x 13 inches (LxWxH).

What if I am taking a trip and wont be able to receive a few boxes?

If you will only be around for part of the year, we can pro-rate your share. Each box is worth approximately $30.00, so for each you will have to miss we will remove $30.00 for your final order. You must call to set up a payment plan of any kind.

What if I cant pick up my box that week?

If you can’t pick up your box from a drop site, you should give Amanda a call, or e-mail before or on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund for a single box without it being part of a payment plan. BUT- we would be happy to give your weeks share to a food pantry or shelter, You may also have a friend or family member pick up in your stead.

What if I forget to notify you about not being able to get my box?

In that case, your box is forfeited. The food will still get eaten, employees of the drop site businesses are free to take what they like from the left over boxes. A friend of family member csn still pick up fro you anytime.

What if I don’t like an item in my box?

Unless there is a food allergy that prevents you from having a certain item, there is no way for us to personalize a box. We recommend giving the item to a neighbor or friend, asking an employee is they would like it, or even better- talk to other members if you have the chance- You could meet a new friend!

I’m worried about the foraged items. How do I know that I won’t get sick?

I have been eating from the woods for about 5 years now. There are not many look-a-likes of the mushrooms I will provide you, and each newsletter will have information on identification, cooking and storage instructions, as well as a tasty recipe. The berries and greens will have the same information, and are easily identified.

That being said, some people may not be used to eating wild mushrooms, which could cause slight stomach issues if they are eaten in large quantities. I recommend eating just a few at a time until your body is used to eating these tasty treasures. (I have never had any issues, but I play in the dirt all day.)

Where do you buy your specialty crops from?

We don’t have any specific farms that provide one thing or another. When bought in foods are given to you, the newsletter will contain information about the farmer and their farm. All bought in products are produced in Iowa, from various businesses.

Is everything in my box certified organic?

Everything grown on the farm, except for the strawberries are certified organic. The strawberries are organically grown but not certified. Bought in items vary in the way they are produced. We always look for producers who grow organically, naturally, or holistically, but there is no guarantee on these items. Bought in and foraged items are not certified organic. If a product is certified organic, it will be pointed out in your newsletter.